Pit-Boss Odor Control

Pit-Boss, a solution to your toughest pit problems since 1989….

Fewer odors, faster, easier pump-outs. More value from every pound of waste your livestock produce.

Too good to be true? Not if you add Pit-Boss ® pit and lagoon treatment to the containment reservoirs in your operation.

Not an enzyme or bacteria

Pit-Boss® pit and lagoon treatment is a unique, environmentally safe, pH-controlled product, not an enzyme or bacteria like most competitive products.

Here’s how it works

Waste digestion involves three distinct bacteria types: aerobic bacteria, which break solids down into fatty and amino acids; anaerobic bacteria, which convert those acids into nuisance gases such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and methane; and facultative bacteria, capable of performing either role.

Pit-Boss® interacts chemically with waste constituents to boost the aerobic manure digestion process. The result: Accelerated solids breakdown and relatively lower gas production.

Virtually eliminates pit odor

Relatively less gas, and faster suspension of solids means dramatically reduced odor. The first application of Pit-Boss® for example, typically lowers combined gas levels 20-25%.

With some confinement buildings recording levels as high as 55 ppm, that’s a considerable reduction. Subsequent applications achieve similar results. In most cases, odor measures just 3-4 ppm after the third application, so your facility is safer for people, better for livestock and less likely to be targeted as a nuisance.

Speeds the suspension of solids for faster, easier, more complete pump-outs

Highly liquefied waste not only emits less odor, it also saves you time and money by making quick, efficient pump-outs possible. Pit-Boss® pit and lagoon treatment breaks down solids fast. In fact, the first application of Pit-Boss® typically reduces the sludge blanket on a holding pit by 4-6 inches, the second by another 12 inches. After the third application, most pits and lagoons are entirely free of solids. What’s more, digesting the top crust on your pits or lagoons destroys egg-laying habitat for flies. With Pit-Boss® you can count on fewer odors, easier pump-outs and fewer flies.

Swine, Dairy and Poultry Pit-Boss®; it’s not just for Hogs anymore

Studies prove that Pit-Boss® is not only your best solution for treating your hog manure, but it also works great with other livestock as well. Spray it over the bedding in your dairy and poultry barns and it will help control fly larva along with depleting odor. Spray Pit-Boss® over your composting and it will help control the odor and help progress the decomposition. Pit-Boss® makes a great footbath for hoofed animals; contact us to find out how it works. Pit-Boss® has been known to increase nutrient values in manure. Levels will vary from swine, dairy and poultry. Use Pit-Boss® according to our recommendations and it will virtually eliminate odor and solids in your pits, slurries and lagoons.