The New Generation Algicide/Bactericide
SCI-62© is the answer to many of the problems confronting fish farmers today. SCI-62© will reduce the risk of troublesome bacteria and disease. Listed below are just a few of the reasons why SCI-62© is the favorite Algicide/Bactericide used in the Aquaculture Industry today.


  • is certified with the EPA and NSF as an Algicide/Bactericide
  • provides a healthier environment that will yield healthier fish
  • allows for less chemical used, with better results gained
  • stays in solution indefinitely until the product is utilized
  • reduces toxic build up in the sediment
  • may be used in Biological fish ponds to reduce harmful bacteria
  • leaves no untreated areas, which is often the case with other copper products
  • requires no mixing or spraying
  • is easy to apply and will reduce labor cost for the farmer
  • will reduce MIB
  • controls algae with predictable results