SCI-62 – Algae Control

SCI-62® Algicide / Bactericide, Algae Control

AT LAST… A safe, simple and quick method of solving decomposition and odor problems in Wastewater facilities

Decomposition and Odor Control

Two of the principle concerns shared by wastewater operators are the decomposition of solids and controlling the odors that decomposing organic materials create. The uncontrolled growth of algae contributes significantly to a wastewater operator’s problem by impeding the bacterial action that would normally solve decomposition and odor problems.

Chem-A-Co, Inc.® manufactures a product called SCI-62 ®. SCI-62® is the solution to many of the treatment problems faced by algae, improving decomposition and reducing odors in wastewater facilities. SCI-62® is a liquid-copper water treatment registered with the EPA as an algicide/bactericide and certified with NSF to meet their ANSI/INF Standard 60 regulations as a drinking water additive.

Control of algae – not its eradication – is the answer to a healthy wastewater facility, and SCI-62® gives you that kind of control.

Control your wastewater facility compliance requirements:

  • BOD reduction
  • TSS (Total Suspended Solids)
  • pH reduction of algea bloom
  • Fecal/Coliform reductions to compliance levels
  • Odor reduction by increasing bacteria action
  • Compliance standard

To determine the most effective and economical application of SCI-62® for your wastewater facility, contact a representative at Chem-A-Co, Inc.®

SCI-62® is registered with the U.S. EPA
EPA Reg. No. 61943-1
EPA Est. No. 61943-IN-1

SCI-62® is Certified with ANSI/NSF
Certified as an Algicide and a Bactericide Standard 60 for drinking water additive.