Micro-Stim is designed for Wastewater Systems “Biological Treatment”.

Micro-Stim is a unique product that is composed of organic compounds. Micro-Stim provides an environmentally sound and user safe treatment for Wastewater Treatment Facilities. The cell growth regulators in Micro-Stim dramatically increases the metabolic and reproductive rates of endogenous bacteria. By introducing Micro-Stim into your Wastewater Treatment Facility, a more complete breakdown of organic solids and odors can be achieved without the use of laboratory cultured microorganisms or toxic chemicals.

With the introduction of Micro-Stim to your Wastewater Treatment facility you should expect the following benefits:

  • Reduced and more complete breakdown of organic solids and odors.
  • Complete biological use of the collection system as part of the treatment process.
  • Decrease sludge buildup in the Wastewater Treatment process.
  • Reduction of BOD and TSS entering the treatment area improving plant performance.
  • Reduction of Hydrogen Sulfide gas (H2 S) resulting in less corrosion of the collection system and equipment.
  • Cost-effective approach toward collection system maintenance.

Application Rates

The application rate of Micro-Stim needs to be at (1) one ppm. The flow chart below will show the amount of Micro-Stim needed. One ppm is equvalent to one gallon of Micro-Stim to every one million gallons of liquid. Each oz. of Micro-Stim will treat 7812.5 gallons of liquid.

Oz.of Micro-Stim 2.56 6.4 9.6 12.8 25.6 38.4 51.2 64.0 76.8 89.6 102.4 115.2 1 gallon
Gallons of Liquid 20,000 50,000 75,000 100,000 200,000 300,000 400,000 500,000 600,000 700,000 800,000 900,000 1,000,000

It is not recommended to over apply Micro-Stim without consulting your Micro-Stim Representative. Micro-Stim is blended for the sale and use by Chem-A-Co, Inc.® Monticello, IN 574-965-2086